Creating comfortable, fun, custom apparel that is a quality product and keeps you coming back for more!

We are Manda and Alli’s Apparel, a small business with huge ideas!

Update! (As of August 4, 2021) ~ We are currently in the process of moving to ThermoFlex Plus. It is so soft, and will outlast the apparel! It does not have the feeling of plasticity as Heat Transfer Vinyl does.

Our process for our apparel is using Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) on all of our apparel.

HTV does not peel, flake, or shred like screen print does.

Our process is to design our work on a software program, which is then sent to a professional grade printer. From there, we weed out the design and then press it into the fabric with a professional grade heat press. All apparel is pressed 3x at the recommended degree temperatures to ensure the HTV melts into the fabric.